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Babysafe 100% Natural Latex
  • Safe and natural
  • Breathable
  • Anti allergenic properties
  • Excellent support
  • Moisture resistance
  • 100% Cotton encasing
The brand’s trademark. It has gained the trust of parents nationwide and beyond. This is where you will find baby mattresses of various dimensions as well as pillows and bolsters that cater to different age group.
Babysafe 100% natural latex is made from rubber tree sap which is inherently hypoallergenic when made into foam. Babysafe uses only natural latex of the highest quality with optimum density and number of pincore holes, which is the perfect material for making mattresses and pillows for babies.
It provides firm orthopaedic support for spinal alignment and adjusts comfortably to the contours of the baby’s body. Aside from preventing allergies, it is naturally mold and mildew resistant, inhibiting dust-mite infestation. Being natural, it contains no toxic substance and unlike synthetic materials, does not emit fumes. It is also self-ventilating, reducing the risk of suffocation. Combined with our premium 100% cotton covers, Babysafe provides your baby with comfort that enhances her sleep and physical development.
Available in 5 sizes
Playpen Mattresses
Available in 2 sizes
Newborns and beyond
Newborn Pillow
0 - 6 months
Infant Pillow
0 - 2˝ years
Kid Pillow
2˝ - 7 years
Sleep Positioner
0 - 4 months
Pregnancy Pillow
Multi-purpose pillow
Babies and children